Lectures & Educational Services

With a background in cultural activism and norm critical pedagogy, Linn has lectured and managed courses in music production and music business since 2017 for clients like SAE Stockholm, Ableton, Electronic Music School Berlin, Campus Nyköping, and Popkollo. In 2021/22 they did their MA at Catalyst Institute, researching music as gender-affirming practice. Their work aligns with their vision for music education: curating safer spaces where more people may explore and express diverse creativity and identity.

"I work not only to give my students new knowledge and skillsets but more so to develop their confidence to turn that knowledge into autonomous self-learning and personal growth. This can be cultivated through an intersectional norm critical thinking and teaching methods - working on group and individual level simultaneously. Even though I promote business-standard quality, creativity and emotion always come first."

Linn offers private coaching (also for DJing), guest lectures and workshops, panel talks, and longer commitments like hosting full courses or programs. They have experience with admitting and grading university students.

Feel free to check out this tutorial for Popkollo, and their list of merits for more information.

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